Sept 6th-8th, 2019 : Brasov : Romania





DJ Dapper Dimas

Dapper Dimas aka Dimitar has been infected with the swing virus since the first encounter. Ever since then he has been roaming around to explore and meet new scenes. He loves his music sweet and hot, as long it got the rhythm that makes the dancers feet busy. He started playing music as a way to contribute back to the community. He is a party animal and will be playing until there is people on the floor.


Heart of Dixie is a crazy swing band that loves to party. They feel most comfortable at dance festivals, in the last three years they appeared in many venues accross Europe.


From their home base in Brno, Czech Republic, they often visit Germany, Austria and Poland, but also go to Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries.


Don´t be fooled by their classical dixieland setup - trumpet, clarinet, trombone, guitar, double bass and drums. With their great singing abilities and background in academic jazz they can go anywhere from 1920s to 1950s, from big band style music to modern tunes with a swing feel.


The dancers should enjoy the music as much as the band - that is their motto.

DJ Blue Lou

Blue Lou aka Miroslav has always been passionate about jazz but it was only two and half years ago that he fell in love with swing music, swing dancing and lindy hop. He likes his playlists diverse and what he values most in swing music is authenticity, musical richness and rhythm.



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