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Sept 6th-8th, 2019 : Brasov : Romania
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Yavor Kunchev & Sonia Kutishcheva

Yavor Kunchev is the founder of Lindy Hop Bulgaria, both they are the organizers of Sofia Swing Dance Festival and Balkan Lindy Hop Championships and the key conductors of the swing culture in Bulgaria. He is the first swing dancer in Bulgaria and is engaged with dancing for more than 25 years and with coaching for nearly 20. She is dancing for more than 10 years and she is one of the most wanted swing dance instructors in Bulgaria. In their own school “Lindy Hop Bulgaria” they are teaching Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa and Boogie Woogie. All their qualities and skills make them undoubtedly the right choice to take part in their classes, which will definitely take you to the next level.


Smiltys Andrikonis & Martyna Beinarytė

Thanks to his parents, Smiltys had been familiar with jazz music since the day he was born! At the age of just 4 years old, he started acting in theatre, several years later playing saxophone and dancing contemporary dance became his hobbies as well. After graduating, Smiltys found out about Swing dances and since then, there was no turning back! Many classes, various competitions and international festivals later, he discovered that dynamics between the thrill of the competitions and the chill of the social dancing, is what motivates him to dance. Known for his technique, variety of uncommon move combinations and attention to the connection, Smiltys tries to inspire and enrich his students with the history, musicality and small details that matters the most!

Since she was a child she was full of energy and her parents knew it shouldn’t be wasted without a purpose. At the age of 6 Martyna joined rhythmic gymnastic classes, but after 8 determined years she felt she hadn’t found herself yet. With an encouragement from her sister Martyna decided to try Lindy Hop. After her first lesson she couldn’t stop dancing! With a huge smile on her face Martyna continued and since then she had won several Lindy Hop and Jazz competitions, performed at different scenes for amazing audiences and created a few noticeable routines. Martyna states, “Now I fully enjoy teaching Lindy Hop and can easily say – I just can’t imagine my life without the Dance.”

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