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Sept 6th-8th, 2019 : Brasov : Romania



Registrations will be handled on the spot. All leaders and followers sign up individually to compete in the Jack’n’Jill. Partners will be assigned at random and you will dance to different tempos with different partners. The competition is open for all participants. There will be two rounds, Preliminaries and Finals. 6 couples will be selected from the Preliminary round to perform again in the Finals.


2 Party Passes to Sofia Swing Dance Festival 2019

2 Full Passes to Belgrade Lindy Exchange 2019

2 Full Passes to Transwingvania Brasov Lindy Exchange 2019


Competitors will select their own music. Routines must be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes in length, in any swing dance style. Acrobatics are permitted. There will be two rounds, Preliminaries and Finals. 5 showcases will be selected from the Preliminary round to perform again in the Finals. 

No Entry Fee, but you must register through Transwingvania 2018 Registration Form (limited number of participants).


For Advanced and Masters

Eligibility to Compete: 

COUPLE OR GROUP: A couple consists of one leader and one follower, both registered at Transwingvania Brasov Lindy Exchange 2018

BEHAVIOR: All Competitors must demonstrate courteous and professional behavior at all times, both on and off the competition floor. Failure to adhere to these standards could cause disciplinary action by the Organizer, or penalties from the Judges.

RULES: All Competitors are responsible for reading and understanding the rules prior to the event. Competitors are responsible for adhering to these rules whether or not they have been read. Drawing for dance order will take place at the registration desk. Failure to comply with deadlines and failure to show up 15 minutes prior to your competition for check in,  may result in disqualification from competing in the event. These decisions will be made solely at the discretion of the Organizers.


-Hold a full pass at Transwingvania Lindy Exchange Festival.

-Register by the official entry deadline

-Meet all the specific requirements outlined in these rules


1st – 200€
2nd – 100€
3rd – 50€

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